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Wealth Plan

Achieving Your True Wealth By Creating YOUR Plan

Our team of experts will design a wealth plan that evaluates your current financial situation by analyzing your income and expenditures to identify how you will pay the bills each month and pursue your financial goals. We provide regular reviews and modifications, assuring that your wealth plan is current and dynamic.

Wealth planning focuses on life transitions and asset transfers. Our wealth advisors are experienced in addressing the emotional and financial impact of life transitions and asset transfers including these three areas of emphasis:

Life Transitions 
Life transitions may result from the loss of a relationship by a death, divorce or retirement. Likewise, a life transition may encompass an addition to the family by marriage or birth of a child. Leaving the workforce eliminates the traditional employer/employee relationship as one switches from asset accumulation to paying the bills from investment income, pension income or other financial resources.

Business Transitions
Business transitions entail succession planning which is often a future consideration when one is in the process of building a business. Our team believes the ultimate exit from a business to realize the value from a lifetime of work is at least as important as growing the business. Whether the business is sold internally, externally or passed to family members, the founders want the transition to be seamless, know the company is in good hands and has the resources to prosper.

Generational Transfers
Generational transfers involve the passing of financial assets, values and opportunities to heirs and the causes one is passionate about in a tax efficient manner. Generational transfers of wealth may occur during life or upon death with or without gift and/or estate tax considerations and include items such as providing for educational funding or creating a legacy.